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Homelessness: I Want Change

This piece of socially responsible street art was created by an Australian artist named Meek. He stenciled this powerful image on a wall and while technically illegal, it has an important message. Giving a homeless person some spare change can help them in the short term by providing some food, or even cause harm if the person buys drugs with the money. The artist’s point is that fundamental political and social change is necessary to solve this problem. During the recession, homelessness is only getting worse with the lack of jobs and high foreclosure rate. Without concerted efforts by governments and private organizations, millions of people around the world will continue to live day to day without adequate housing.

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350 Earth-Art Visible from Space: Mardi Vartabedian

Over the past few ‘green’ years, I have become an active ‘eco-friendly’ individual. Right away, I became interested in supporting the outrageous art exhibit, which is the world’s first ever global climate art project. From growing up without a microwave and having no sense in the use of plastic (thanks to my mom), my interest in environmental causes connected myself to seek desired hope towards the Earth.

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Naomi Bar

Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe is a painting by Eduard Manet that directly challenges the “acceptable” representation of the woman at that time, donating power to the female figure of the painting which, ultimately, becomes the subject matter of the composition. The painting, originally titled Le Bain (The Bath), is a large oil canvas created in the 1860s which is now found in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. It was submitted in 1863 at what became the Salon des Refusés. Continue reading

Toms (by Shakira Mongul)

Toms shoes is the sustainable, socially conscious shoes company based in Southern California. The Toms mission is to provide shoes for children in need. The deal is for every pair sold, a child in need receives a free pair of shoes. Toms calls it the “one-for-one” deal.
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Autism Speaks: Lily Huber

Usually when I think about PSAs and the most memorable ones I have seen before, I first think of anti-drug ads, global warming, and political campaigns. But I wanted to share something different, and not often talked about. Autism Speaks is an amazing organization and it wasn’t until members and various speakers from the Autism Speaks visited my high school that I even understood what autism was.

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Aid to Artisans by Elizabeth Carlisle

I became aware of the program Aid to Artisans, by a speaker that came to speak at my my school back in New York. she had started out in the fashion industry and heard about this program starting up that would help artisans in thrid world countries build their business and be able to outsource their products to major brands, so that their products could be sold  in places like Pottery Barn and Pier 1 Imports.

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Dark Days-Luana Perez

Dark Days is a documentary released in 2000 created by Marc Singer. The film chronicles the lives of people living in an abandon section of the New York subway system. Singer, himself, was one of the people living in the subway system and after a few months decided to create this documentary to share the stories of the individuals to financially help them and to help educate others.
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The Positive Beadwork Project

Ever since returning from South Africa, I have been interested in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in that area. Some statistics show that one out of every five adults in South Africa are infected with the virus. While in the nations capital, Cape Town, I visited the Cape Town Hospital where Kidzpositive is based and the Postivie Beadwork Project was launched.

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UN “One Billion Hungry”-Katherine Tempel

While living in Rome I have been able to witness and see amazing things, but as I take the buses all over the city one sign that always catched my attention was one that hung outside the UN FAO headquarters. From the side of the building hung a banner reading “One Billion Hungry, and I’m Mad as Hell.” This sign and phrase I soon found out it just part of the UN’s One Billion Hungry Project to end global hunger.
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