Luana Perez

Greetings! I’m Luana Perez.

I am a native to Washington, D.C. and also happen to attend school there at American University. I’m really close with my family and am fond of animals. I’m currently a junior majoring in Journalism, but my interests exceed to photography, art, fashion, international affairs, traveling and cooking. Studying abroad in Italy has been an amazing trip so far because I’ve been able to practice all my interests are incorporated in daily life here.
I’m not one hundred percent set on what exactly I would like to do with my journalism degree but I think I would be interested in working for some sort of fashion publication whether it is online or a physical medium like a magazine. I can’t exactly why explain why I love fashion so much but there are those few times of the year where I get excited for the spring and fall shows. I appreciate the way a designer can create almost a new world. Its something that only exists in their mind but they’re able to transport it almost to a type of performance art. The runway, the make-up, the clothes, everything can be very theatrical if the designer intends for it to be. I see that also through some type of photography and art because they’re able to create a parallel universe or something.
I don’t carry all types of fashion especially ready-to-wear to this degree, but its just interesting to see how much power designers have to make everyone wear silhouettes and colors from the 70’s again or a head-to-toe camel and nude ensemble.
I’m really excited for this class because of the opportunity to discover new artists and works of social activism happening globally. One of my recent discoveries was through the documentary “Born into Brothels”. It’s about children in the slums of India who were given cameras and photography lessons and have used the medium to document their life through their “eyes”. All of the children were born to prostitute mothers so the lives they live are very different from normal children. Some of the success stories behind the documentary are remarkable so it’s always great to hear about a successful form of social activism like that one.
By the end of my study abroad trip I hope to have traveled, made great friends, taken a million rolls of film and shot tons of other photos and come home with great recipes to try with my family!


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