Dafne Davis

My name is Dafne Davis.  As I am a Navy Brat I have spent most of my childhood moving around from place to place.  My father’s from a small town in northern Minnesota, Pine River.  My mother instead is from Rome, Italy obviously. I believe it’s the most beautiful city in the world but life moves too quickly in cities and I’m more of a small town person myself. I enjoy a little quite time alone, just me and some fresh air!

I love to listen to 70-80-90s, Rock and Symphonic Metal music mostly. I love to read classics, autobiographies, sci-fi, fantasy and comics. I also love to draw, paint and watch movies. I watch just about anything from romance to horrors, but I never get tired of old movies!

The first things that pop into my friends’ and family’s minds when they think of me are: Aliens, Cartoons, Faeries, Savage, Sitting Bull, Peter Pan and Robocop! XD

Well, this is me REALLY condensed! If your confused it’s normal, I am most of the time!




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