Dorothy Brown

Ciao! I’m Dorothy Brown. I’m from New Canaan, CT and am a junior at Boston College, studying in Rome for the semester. I’ve lived in New Canaan my whole life but have been lucky enough to be exposed to many other places. I  spend a lot of my time in NYC, where I love to go to museums and spend time with my friends and family. I went to a co-ed boarding school for high school, so I have lived away from home for 6 years. This has made me very close to my family, which consists of my mother and father, a younger brother, Oliver, and two adorable dogs- Chester and Molly.  My friends and family are the most meaningful parts of my life.

I’m a communications major and an art history minor. Right now, I see myself in Fashion PR, but I’m open to many things. I am loving the architecture and art in Rome. I’m so excited to be spending the semester in Europe. The opportunities for discovery seem endless, and I can’t wait to unearth the promising possibilities while I’m here.

My favorite place I’ve been is South Africa because of the experience I had there. I spent a month there in 2007 working at an orphanage for children whose parents had died because of AIDS or had abandoned them because of the disease. It changed my life, and I hope to do something more for the kids in the village one day, because they did so much for me.

I’m a curious person, and I’m excited for the journey ahead!


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