So Good To Be Here!

Freezzzing looking over Prague a few days before Christmas

          My name is Katherine Tempel and I am very excited to be taking Media Art and Social Activism, although… as you can see I am not very good with computers as it took me an enitre week to understand how to create a blog and make a post.  I am originally from Hermosa Beach, which is a small beach surf town located in Los Angeles County.  My home university is Sonoma State University which is Located in California’s wine country about 30 minutes north of San Francisco.  I am currently working on a degree in Global Studies with a focus in International Economic, Political and Social Development.  This spring will be my second semester at AUR and I am very excited to be able to spend more time in the beautiful city of Rome.  In both the US and Italy I love to spend time with friends, go out to new restaurants, shop, see art exhibits, walk around and explore, rock climb and stay active.  After graduation I am really looking to work in the non-profit sector so I think this class will be really informative.  I am looking forward to learning more about how art and media can really make a difference in the world.   


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