Documentary Films Bringing Social Change

In class I was lucky enough to choose Film Documentaries for my type of art to change the world.  When I began looking I was not surprised to find that almost all media campaigns to develop something in the world came with a documentary.  One widely known documentary that worked to change the world is the invisible Children documentary created in 2003.   This particular film worked to emphasize the conflict in Uganda and the issues of child soldiers that get kidnapped or sold from their homes to fight in these bloody conflicts.

Although this is not the only reason this organization is inspiring.  After visiting Africa and creating this documentary the creators became inspired and spread this movement across the world.  There campaign is created almost soly through social media in the form of web, music and film and through this have inspired an entire population of young people to be able to easily follow and support invisible Children.
I think this documentary was very effective and really connected with so many people for a variety of reasons.  First you could say that the people creating the documentary where attractive and talked in a very simple way in that all ages and groups could relate and be interested in what they where saying.  Also I think, because the subject matter where of youth similar to the age of the viewers really made a much deeper connection.  I think a genius aspect of the film was that the camera and editing crew where able to get scenes of the youth acting just like America’s youth and listening to the same music all while their would be a quick transition into there underground hideaway.   Somehow through the work of both filming, speaking and musical aspects the invisible Children documentary was able to truly reach the heart and inspire millions across the US and the World.
Overall I think Documentary films are a great way to reach a large audience with a more personal touch.  It really gives the creators a chance to  spread there message exactly how they want with their own words without having to travel across the world to do it.  unfortunately it seems as though only a very small number of films truly get to this level like any other form of art, but when it does it has the easy ability to reach millions.  This style of film has been able to portray all sorts of issues from re-telling stories of war and advocating current world issues.  Through the accessibility of the web and sites like You Tube making a film to solve social issues is now easier than ever.


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