International Rescue Committee







This is a photo of a young Burmese refugee.  She is on a trip at the ocean with the International Rescue Committee.  This was a trip that represented the first time many of the rescued children had ever been to the beach for enjoyment.

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people survive and rebuild their lives.  It was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, offering care and assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster.  Today they work in over forty different countries and twenty-two United States cities.  They work to restore safety, dignity and hope to millions who are displaced and struggling to endure and lead them from “harm to home”.

The International Rescue Committee says their commitment is, “When an emergency arises, the IRC arrives on the scene within 72 hours with urgently needed supplies and expertise that protect people in the midst of chaos.  We commit to stay as long as we are needed, helping survivors to heal, recover, and rebuild their communities to be stronger, more stable and more democratic.”  In the United States the International Rescue Committee has helped thousands of refugees thrive in the country that gave them shelter and a new beginning.

The International Rescue Committee has served over 12 million people with primary reproductive health care.  They have vaccinated 390,000 children for measles and other childhood diseases.  They have trained about 9,000 educators and supported schools attended by 440,000 children.  In the United States they have helped resettle 12,000 newly arrived refugees and provided services to over 37,000 refugees and victims of human trafficking.  Best of all, they have reunited over 1,400 separated children with their families.

Before today I have never heard of this amazing organization.  I believe this photo above shows this company’s mission and heart.  This is a girl who for the first time in her life is running through the ocean water without a care in the world.  She is not affected by war, hate, or danger, but instead, joy is overflowing in her heart and shining through her eyes and gorgeous smile.  She is a light of hope in a world where so often we are surrounded by darkness.


Below I have also included the link to the YouTube video that beautifully illustrates the International Rescue Committee.






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