Simple gestures can make a difference. Make yours!

I was a bit skeptical when I got animation as my medium but after much research and revisiting (which you should all check out!) I have come to the realization that in many cases animation can be more effective than using real people as it makes its message universally relatable.

The above posted animated short was made two years ago by the International Red Cross as a part of their “Our World. Your Move” campaign.  Marking the 150th anniversary of the organization’s founding, the campaign represents the basis upon which the Red Cross was founded.  Namely that one person can make a difference.  There is no dialogue in the short, which emphasizes that actions speak louder than words.

Swiss businessman Henry Dunant established the organization after witnessing the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino.  The horrific sight of soldiers wounded and left for dead on the battle field pushed Dunant to want to help.  Helping the wounded during wartime went on to become a priority at the first Geneva Convention and from then on the human qualities of battle were not dismissed.

I chose this video because I believe that it effectively promotes positive social change as well as for its artistic qualities.  In terms of promoting positive social change its message its simple.  A helping hand no matter how small can make a difference.  The campaign serves as a call to action and it does exactly that.  It shows the direct result of one helping hand and how said hand has a positive impact on not just one person, but many.  I tend to think that campaigns with simple messages are those that eventually have the most success because they are capable of reaching a wide audience.

The piece is incredibly fluid, each scene connects well to the next.  The soccer ball serves to represent that in some way or another we are all connected and in this case specifically that one good deed can go a lot further than you think.

This is the link to the campaign if you’d like to learn more!                                                 —->


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