Global Awareness. Symbolizes. Installation Art.

Nele Azevedo & Melting Men

Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo, creates this creative installation art piece  portraying the melting of sculptured, individual men.  This piece, located on the steps of a concert hall in Berlin, Germany, expresses the importance of global climate awareness yet, symbolizes the melting of Arctic ice all over the world.

The visualization of the melting, loose textured ice connects with humans to become positively impacted within the world of climate changes.  The pictures below express a bigger image of the various sculptured humans melting away life one by one, solid to liquid, full to empty.

Climate. Change. Art.

“The installation is part of an urban intervention project, called Minimum Monument”, Azevedo states, which communicates the reality behind her project.

Overall, after reading many articles and interpretations of Azevedo’s beautiful project, I became part of a different world rather hot or cold.  The reflection of the sun’s rays on the ice reveals an emphasis towards the spoken value of awareness.  The position of each figure caught my attention because of the similarities in realistic human features, which speak clearly like a melted piece of ice. Just a common figure of a human sculpture can speak the danger of climate change, but also creates inspiration towards thriving individuals.


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