The Hunger Site is a website that has been running since 1999. With one click, one is able to donate cups of food to the hungry, provide free mammograms for women with breast cancer, give free child health care, give free books to improve literacy, protect wildlife habitat, and give free food and care to animals. Their goal is to end extreme poverty.

By clicking once, the sponsors of pay for food or send the care that they promise in each category. Then, if you click, you are brought to pages of products that the website sells to provide more help. The site is owned by Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg. They travel all over the world to find places in need, and while they are there, they buy unique products that are sold on the website. On average, the site is visited 220,000 times a day to try to stop world hunger. Since its inception, the hunger site has given 671 million cups of food. They send food to over 74 countries, including Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

I think this is an effective way to promote social activism because so many things are online these days, and this site makes it so easy to help. The website really acknowledges the changing times and takes the population into consideration when trying to promote social change. People are using one click to look through pictures on facebook, so why not use that same idea to help feed the hungry?

Besides positively promoting social change, I wanted to write about it so that more people know about the hunger site. It can be that website that when you’re bored- you can just go to and click to donate cups of food or free health care to children.


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