Effective Bumper Sticker by Elizabeth Carlisle

When deciding on an effective bumper sticker the only ones I could think of were hippie inspired stickers like the peace sign, the yellow happy face, or the Grateful Dead bears (a 1960’s rock band).

However iconic these stickers are, they don’t necessarily promote social change. I felt that the Coexist bumper sticker is new and more relevant to society right now, especialy with what is going on in Egypt and the Middle East. The images promote the tolerance of different religions and differences in people’s points of view. A Polish graphic designer, Piotr Miodozeniec, designed the graphic for an Isreali contest to promote religious tolerance and understanding.

The “C” is represented by an Islamic symbol, the “O” is represented by a peace symbol which is also used in the wiccan/pagen religion, the “E” is represented by the scientific “e” commonly used in equations. The “X” is represented by the Star of David for Judiasm. The “I” is also represented by a Wiccan/pagen symbol and the “S” is represented by a Chinese ying yang. The “T” is represented by the Cross for Christianity.


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