UN “One Billion Hungry”-Katherine Tempel

While living in Rome I have been able to witness and see amazing things, but as I take the buses all over the city one sign that always catched my attention was one that hung outside the UN FAO headquarters. From the side of the building hung a banner reading “One Billion Hungry, and I’m Mad as Hell.” This sign and phrase I soon found out it just part of the UN’s One Billion Hungry Project to end global hunger.

The Food and Agriulture Organization (FAO) created this goal as a main point to reduce global hunger but with several global plans. Their main focus is to target politicans to take further action in providing resources for those facing chronic hunger. They are hoping this can be done through reforms and the creation of new laws.
I chose this cause because often times in developed nations like the United States and Italy the idea of chronic hunger across the world does not even seem realistic. Although through recent campaigns that I have seen all over the city of Rome and the internet I was interested to learn more. This campain uses art through up front direct targeting. I think aesthetically speaking this campaign truly targets the heart. This PSA uses a well known actor to interest the viewer, then shows the life style of a common well off person yet describes his personality as “mad as hell” I think through these visuals and his anger is shows the viewer that its ok for them to also feel affected by this problem. I then goes into the actor screaming the message in a publc place. This use of sounds is seen as very abrupt and could possibly make the view feel uncomfortable to not look further into the issue. Also in the short you tube video ad they try to get the viewers attention with quick transitions to catch your attention which could make the objective seem more international or important. Overall through the aesthics of this campaign I think the viewer is forced to feel inspired by showing the gravity of the issue put up front.
This campaign is most commonly know for its work as a PSA across the global community



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