350 Earth-Art Visible from Space: Mardi Vartabedian

Over the past few ‘green’ years, I have become an active ‘eco-friendly’ individual. Right away, I became interested in supporting the outrageous art exhibit, which is the world’s first ever global climate art project. From growing up without a microwave and having no sense in the use of plastic (thanks to my mom), my interest in environmental causes connected myself to seek desired hope towards the Earth.

Likewise, the vision of these creative and ENORMOUS art pieces can be seen all across the earth. The significance 350 Earth seeks is to encourage artists and individuals to create public art installations, which symbolize the impact of climate change.

Just imagine, an enormous art piece that can be seen from space! The strong will of 350 EARTH influences the role of art has an image of hope. Most importantly, the inspiration towards humanity is encouraging to provide protection and beauty towards our everlasting planet.

I do believe this 350 is effective in creating awareness all over the world.  From India to New York, people are encouraged to promote awareness rather through word or art.  Throughout dozen locations seen across the world, amazing artists are working together with local communities to create art, which emphasizes a local climate change challenge or solution.  A few climate change solutions are:  Polluted cities, endangered forests, sinking coastlines, etc.

All of these large-scale art pieces will be photographed by satellite and shared with the world on the eve of the next round of U.N. climate talks.

These are a few art pieces that are truly amazing:

New York City, USA

350 Cool Roof

New Delhi, India

Climate Elephant


Delta Del Ebro, Spain



Cairo, Egypt

Solar Scarab


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