Autism Speaks: Lily Huber

Usually when I think about PSAs and the most memorable ones I have seen before, I first think of anti-drug ads, global warming, and political campaigns. But I wanted to share something different, and not often talked about. Autism Speaks is an amazing organization and it wasn’t until members and various speakers from the Autism Speaks visited my high school that I even understood what autism was.

Described simply, autism is a basic name to cover a wide collection of developmental brain disorders. There is no cure, and they still aren’t sure what exactly causes it. The research on autism still has a long way to go and that’s why I feel this PSA is important because this cause needs to grab people’s attention. Everyone knows somebody who has it and the numbers are rising.

Many kids I grew up with suffered from autism, but because of the fact that it’s not as often talked about the way other disabilities are, it’s a disorder that many parents and children don’t understand. What shocks me is how unbelievably common it is for a boy or girl to be born with autism. 1 in every 110 is diagnosed.

Below is one of the PSAs for Autism Speaks and this short video just really pulled me in. I appreciated many aspects of the PSA, first being the fact that it was concise and to the point. There is nothing worse than a PSA that drags you along and forces something down your throat. I also found the PSA to be very relatable, and easy to understand. I was curious about the changing shapes of the main character and by the end of the PSA I clearly understood the point that it was trying to get across. Autism is going from something that is distant and doesn’t affect you, to something that can become a lot closer to your home than you think. It makes you aware of the situation, while triggering a curiosity to find out more.


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