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West Bank Street Art

This online photo gallery is a showcase of street art in the West Bank that advocates peace and understanding. The solution to the Israel/Palestine problem has evaded both sides for decades, but street art is a good way for

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Age of Empires – Dafne Davis

Not too long ago I came by a computer game called Age of Empires. A series of computer games developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios to compete against another game of the late 90s called Civilization. Since 1997 seven titles were released. What is interesting about this series is that its actually educational. In fact the games are set in real historical events in which the gamer, from what I understood, focuses on conquering and colonizing through the use of specific tactics and weapons, of a certain period. Continue reading

Imagine Ourselves by Naomi Bar

Imagine Ourselves is an online exihibition which concentrates on the question of “What defines our generation of Women?”. Continue reading

Graphic Design Posters Create Positive AIDS Awareness: Mardi Vartabedian

25 Years of

International AIDS Awareness

Speak & Design

Over past few years, visual communication has grown to speak positive words within the world of graphic design. Recently, I came across this website because of the creative yet, attractive design of unusual posters.  The graphic exhibit draws upon James Lapides’, an extensive archive of international AIDS Awareness, who donated these posters to Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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The Girl Effect (Shakira Mongul)

The Girl Effect is an organization that goals to better the lives of young women all over the world extract themselves from the vicious cycles they so often are forced into. The Girl Effect helps young women, usually once they’ve reached the age of twelve, to stay in school. If they are able to stay in school, these girls have a better chance of avoiding child-marriages, giving birth to sickly children, falling into a life of prostitution to support her children and thus contracting and spreading the AIDS virus. The Girl Effect calls this cycle “The Ripple Effect.” This organization also aims to abolish what they refer to as the “Top Ten” buriers that prevent girls from growing into young women capable of supporting themselves and their families.
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Kiva “Loans that Change Lives”-Luana Perez

Kiva is a non-profit organization started in 2004 that connects loans with entrepreneurs in developing countries through the lending of individuals. These entrepreneurs include: farmers, general store owners, restaurant workers and food production. Anyone can lend a donation to whichever entrepreneur they choose to pick. Continue reading

Make Trade Fair by Lindsay Swiggum

The other day I was watching a video on YouTube, a song from Coldplay’s 2003 Tour, and I noticed something written on the lead singer’s hand.  Make Trade  Further into the video it also appeared on the side of the piano.  Obviously this was advertisement for something, but I decided to look into it. Continue reading

People Tree by Elizabeth Carlisle

I first heard about People Tree when reading a Fashion Magazine called Women’s Wear Daily. The article was talking about how the famous actress, Emma Watson, was designing a line for the sustainable, fair trade clothing line. I’ve always been interested in alternative clothing brands; fashion companies that produce a great clothing line but also give back to people and who are also very socially conscious.

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tree hugger- Katherine Tempel

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The FEED Foundation: Lily Huber

The first time I noticed a FEED bag was in the stands of a Whole Foods market a few years ago. I didn’t think much of it, until I started seeing them on the arms of numerous celebrities and of course I was curious to know more about this project and why so many people were taking part in it. Lauren Bush (George W.’s niece) and United Nations World Food Program’s Communications Officer Ellen Gustafson started FEED Projects in 2007 and the concept is that if you buy one of these burlap bags it will feed a child in school for one year. After checking out their site when I saw the bag at the market, I wanted to contribute- so I purchased a bunch of bags for my friends as gifts. I have to say it’s an organization I really admire and I think they have done a great job in a very challenging task: merging fashion and philanthropy.
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