Go Green Initiative: by Claire Moskowitz

When the “Go Green” trend in the U.S. exploded a few years back, countless numbers of websites popped up to assist citizens.

Go Green InitiativeThe Go Green Initiative is based in schools, which I think is effective in that the future of the environment’s well-being is in the hands of young people.  Their top priority is in making sure that the next generation understands the importance of protecting the natural resources that we do have, and making sure that they are there for future generations.  They are aiming to educate environmentally responsible citizens.

The website is extremely accessible, there is also a blog section so that you can get to know the organization’s interests and current work on a more personal level.  The color choices serve to reinforce the message of the organization and available links associate with other save the environment initiatives.  The initiative started as an effort to promote eco-friendly living in California school has branched out to school across America as well as abroad.

Click here to learn more!!!


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