The FEED Foundation: Lily Huber

The first time I noticed a FEED bag was in the stands of a Whole Foods market a few years ago. I didn’t think much of it, until I started seeing them on the arms of numerous celebrities and of course I was curious to know more about this project and why so many people were taking part in it. Lauren Bush (George W.’s niece) and United Nations World Food Program’s Communications Officer Ellen Gustafson started FEED Projects in 2007 and the concept is that if you buy one of these burlap bags it will feed a child in school for one year. After checking out their site when I saw the bag at the market, I wanted to contribute- so I purchased a bunch of bags for my friends as gifts. I have to say it’s an organization I really admire and I think they have done a great job in a very challenging task: merging fashion and philanthropy.

I think some of the most amazing and beneficial programs start from the simplest ideas. I went on to the FEED website and learned more about how the sales of these bags have been a giant success in raising funds and awareness. When people purchase they bag they are helping an important cause as well as promoting eco-friendliness. The celebrity aspect of it’s success is kind of hard to ignore, but sometimes it doesn’t take certain people in the media to sponsor a cause for it to gain attention. Their website is really great. It’s clean, organized, and visually pleasing. I appreciated that they had new products highlighted but also took the time to show recent blog updates on new world wide missions. It’s not easy to get people to stay on your page while they are just looking to shop online so I thought the design and layout does a perfect job at tying both together.


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