tree hugger- Katherine Tempel

For a socially active campaign I wanted to go for something a little different. I found the sight and it lead me to just that. This sight works to promote sustainablity and buying local on a more mainstream scale.
This sight also works to make it as easy as possibly to keep its viewer and members informed of how they can live and shop in a green fashion. I thought this campain was different because most sustainability campaigns are done on a local level and this is the first to really promote shopping local on a global scale.
The art image I chose this week is one that is highlighted on the treehugger websight. It is a poster re-make from WWII supporting citizens to eat local greens. I thought this was very innovative because it has noticable fonts and a catchy headline to easily catch someones attention in today’s world. The campaign is called the “Victory Campaign of Tomorrow” commintted to civic innovation and social progress.


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