Age of Empires – Dafne Davis

Not too long ago I came by a computer game called Age of Empires. A series of computer games developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios to compete against another game of the late 90s called Civilization. Since 1997 seven titles were released. What is interesting about this series is that its actually educational. In fact the games are set in real historical events in which the gamer, from what I understood, focuses on conquering and colonizing through the use of specific tactics and weapons, of a certain period.

Each Age of Empires focuses on specific historical events. The first spans from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire. Age of Empires II (The Age of Kings), was set in the Middle Ages and the Spanish conquest of Mexico. A variant is Age of Mythology which focuses on Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology.
The one I came across was Age of Empires 3, one of the children I tutor began asking me questions regarding the different Native American Tribes and the American colonization. I have never seen a kid so eager to learn English and history at the same time. Therefor, how I found out about this video game is what convinces me that Age of Empire promotes educational, and in this case historical, interest in young gamers.


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