Graphic Design Posters Create Positive AIDS Awareness: Mardi Vartabedian

25 Years of

International AIDS Awareness

Speak & Design

Over past few years, visual communication has grown to speak positive words within the world of graphic design. Recently, I came across this website because of the creative yet, attractive design of unusual posters.  The graphic exhibit draws upon James Lapides’, an extensive archive of international AIDS Awareness, who donated these posters to Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

From 44 different countries, a mixture of posters are on display titled: Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters, an exhibition organized by Elizabeth Resnick and Javier Cortés for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts. Dating from 1985 to 2010, the posters express realistic issues as in: modes of transmission, prevention of infection, and treatment options.





Hong Kong


Furthermore, many of the posters support sympathy for the infected and strike the awful shame associated with HIV/AIDS. The inter-connection selection of these vast posters convey an insightful impression of diverse visual strategies, which is designed on each poster within each country’s own cultural perspective about AIDS. Interesting fact:  In the beginning of the epidemic, posters were the go-to option, which symbolizes why posters can be visually striking yet, wordless because the useful target towards a high rate of illiteracy or a fractured attention span population.

All in all, even though current treatment can greatly slow the evolution of disease symptoms, it is not a cure, and the treatments are too costly for the vast majority of the world to maintain for a lifetime.



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