Imagine Ourselves by Naomi Bar

Imagine Ourselves is an online exihibition which concentrates on the question of “What defines our generation of Women?”.
It is affiliated with the International Museum of Women and has the goal of connecting women around the globe and inspire to take a positive action in favour of women. More than a milion women participated in the project of responding through the medium of arts, poetry, photography, music and personal essays to the question of what defines our generation of women?
In 2001, Paula Goldman, together with the International Museum of Women sent this question via email to women aged twenty to forty around the world and received thousands of replies from over 105 countries. When reading the responses given by women world wide the international museum of women recognized this initiative as being “recognized a historic opportunity to use technology to start a popular global conversation”.
I belive that the layout of the home page may be considered very effective because it gives the viewer the ability to interact and be able to choose from a variety of themes such as love, money,culture and conflict and many more. Furthermore, it clearly points out the steps one has to follow in order to take action and id the cause. Summarizing the role of the viewer in four steps: 1. Choose a theme, 2.View Stories, 3. Join the conversation, 4. Take action. Overall I consider it to be visually effective and attractive to the audience.


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