Kiva “Loans that Change Lives”-Luana Perez

Kiva is a non-profit organization started in 2004 that connects loans with entrepreneurs in developing countries through the lending of individuals. These entrepreneurs include: farmers, general store owners, restaurant workers and food production. Anyone can lend a donation to whichever entrepreneur they choose to pick. Lenders can give as little as $25 or the entire set of the loan.(The entrepreneurs have a set amount of money for funding. The website features a tracker for how much money the entrepreneur has and how much more they need). The organization works with micro-finance institutions to give loans to these entrepreneurs. According to Kiva, these institutions or “Field partners” then provide the money to these entrepreneurs, like all loans the lender could lose some or all of the money they lent. If however the entrepreneur is able to re-pay their loan, the money is sent to back to the Field partner who sends it to Kiva. That money can then be re-lend, donated to Kiva or withdrawn from Pay-Pal and given back to the original lender,

Kiva’s website allows for interactivity between visitors and the websites content. The homepage features 30 of the entrepreneurs and allows for the visitor to scroll over each image and read a small fraction of the person’s story and see what country they reside. If the visitor chooses to they can read more about the entrepreneur, lend money or browse all loans. The site also automatically scrolls through the boxes, if the visitors mouse isn’t placed on one of the images. Another feature of the website is the ability to read updates on past entrepreneurs who received loans and donations. I chose to highlight Kiva because they do not collect interest from these loans and because their main goal is to lessen poverty and they are doing so by connecting loans and donations through their website. In turn loans and donations
help people with their businesses.
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