Make Trade Fair by Lindsay Swiggum

The other day I was watching a video on YouTube, a song from Coldplay’s 2003 Tour, and I noticed something written on the lead singer’s hand.  Make Trade  Further into the video it also appeared on the side of the piano.  Obviously this was advertisement for something, but I decided to look into it.


Back in 2003, Coldplay partnered with Oxfam International, a confederation of 14 organizations devoted to ending poverty and injustice as a part of a movement for change.  At each concert Make Trade Fair was written all over the stage and they also had a booth set up specifically for this campaign where people could purchase many things to contribute.


I chose to write about Oxfam International because I think the campaign they did with Coldplay really made a difference.  One of the most important things organizations like this can do is get their name out into the world and through that bring awareness.   Not only did Coldplay help inform millions of people though their international tour back in 2003, but the information is still being spread.  Through their videos people who view them will also become aware of Oxfam and their passion for change and justice.


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