The Girl Effect (Shakira Mongul)

The Girl Effect is an organization that goals to better the lives of young women all over the world extract themselves from the vicious cycles they so often are forced into. The Girl Effect helps young women, usually once they’ve reached the age of twelve, to stay in school. If they are able to stay in school, these girls have a better chance of avoiding child-marriages, giving birth to sickly children, falling into a life of prostitution to support her children and thus contracting and spreading the AIDS virus. The Girl Effect calls this cycle “The Ripple Effect.” This organization also aims to abolish what they refer to as the “Top Ten” buriers that prevent girls from growing into young women capable of supporting themselves and their families.

I chose this organization for two reasons. Firstly, I believe in the cause. In a world that has the capacity and technology to make even the wildest of dreams come true (like taking a space ship to the moon or having robots adhere to our every demand) how is it that so many little girls can’t have even their simplest of dreams come true? Why is enjoying the benefits of a happy childhood, an education, and a life free of premature marriage, childbirth, and the possibility of life threatening illness too much to ask for? It’s not. The Girl Effect is doing all that it can do to help these estimated 600 million girls make their dreams of enjoying basic human rights a reality. Secondly, the website is simple, attractive, and functional. Their videos are very well done from a graphic standpoint and very straight to the point. As soon I I saw the first video I thought of our class discussions about good and bad media.

*All information for this post was obtained from The Girl Effect website and facebook.


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