Socially Concious Films… WALL-E!!!

When looking for a socially concious film at first I went for the ideas of documentaries or the types of films that take shots of animals in Africa but then I realized, socially active films can be in all sorts. I soon realized Wall-e which came out in 2008 from Pixar did just that. This story focuses on the idea that Earth is no longer sustainable for human life and the robat Wall-e has been left to clean up the rubble. Although later in this film a girl robat named Eve is sent from a “mothership” where the humans are living to see if life is sustainable again. As there relationship becomes closer a single living plant is shown and is quickly brought into controversy as to what should be done with it on the mothership. Meanwhile all the humans living on the mothership are to overweight so move out of their space chairs and are seen constainly eating making it apparent why the Earth had been over used and unsustainable.
I thought the asthetics in this film where quite creative. When looking at this animated feature most of the colors where quite dull. This was shown through many shades of brown on Earth and Grey tones on the mothership. Although when ever there was a point that was meant to be important the artists would use a bright splash of color. Examples of this where the green plant, the love heart between Wall-e and Eve and the large clothing around the very overweight humans. Another technique that was used was its creative use of sounds and speaking. This emphasized the strenth of communication through actions instead of words as seen between the two robats and the often times meaningless sounds that come from humans.
The budget for this full-length motion picture was 180 million dollars. It was funding through Pixar and Buena Vista Productions which is owned by Disney. This film was released in theaters to over 40 countries worldwide and was in cinemas for 28 weeks. After inital release it was send to production into home sales a few months later.
Overall I think this film made a very strong impact on society and the ever changing childs mind. This is because the film used features like the image of a destroyed city to make the message seem more realistic and by showing the image of the overweight people as eating american food yet not being able to move even in an emergency. Rarely can a film keep the attention of both chilren and adults let alone in a film with over 35 minutes without speaking. After watching this film I was truly moved and disturbed and the thought of a unsustainable planet. I was motivated to live a better life style and the ideas of the film stuck with me 3 years later.


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