Waste Land by Elizabeth

After watching this trailer, I bet you have thought about everything you threw in a trash can today………..haven’t you?

Waste Land all started with the artist, Vik Muniz, who left his home in Brooklyn, NY to go back to his roots in Brazil.  He traveled to a town just outside of Rio de Janeiro called Jardim Gramacho. The main claim to fame that Jardim holds is it’s massive garbage dump, supposedly the lagest in the world. Vik went there in hopes to paint the portriats of the famous residence who spend their days picking recyclable materials from the mountains of filth. However, after being there and getting to know these “catadores” Muniz decided to film their lives and collaborate with with them by recreating photographic images of themselves with garbage.

The film was shot over a 3 year span and it really takes you on a journey alongside Vik Muniz and proves that art really can help make a difference in people’s lives. You can’t help but blur the grotest images of people picking through mounds of smelly, smooshy garbage and the creative, innovative, beautiful pieces of work being auctioned off to white-collared socialites for thousands of dollars. To simply explain myself and the admiration I have for Vik Muniz, I leave you with this: you will forever think twice about everything you throw into a trash can.


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