Indigenious Designs- Socially Active Fashion

In todays world it seems as though all major fashion labels have put a new spin on sustainable fashion. Many pre-existing brands have now created organic or re-used fabric lines but a brand that has gone a step further is Indigenious designs. This brand based out of Northern California stands out today as one of the first sustainable fashion brands. Indigenious Designs prides itself in Fair Trade organic clothing in the middle upper price range. This brand being one of the first of its kind is truly inspiring because of its methodogy. All of the clothing and frabic is made my local women in workshops in small villages in South America. These so called workshops are the center of the fair trade concept in that these people work for fair hours and receive reasonable pay. This brand of clothing has truly inspired me because the clothing is realistic and is something an American woman would want to wear but truly helps those in need across the globe.
-Katherine Tempel
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