Invisble Children by Lindsay Swiggum

I know I have done a few posts about Invisible Children already, but I am doing a case study on their website right now. Unfortunately, I do not have the space to be able to write about each incredible aspect of Invisible Children, so I’d like to take the time to highlight their fashion line they have.

In short, Invisible Children is a non-profit organization that is devoted to bring peace to the war-torn Uganda. The people of Uganda are living in an area where there has been a war for twenty-five years. Just one of the efforts Invisible Children is doing to help them is provide work for the people. They do this in two different ways: Bracelets, and Bags.

First, the Bracelet Campaign. Invisible children has worked with people in Uganda to create a bracelet that matched their Acholi culture. They are handmade in Uganda and is now bringing an income to the people in the displacement camps. There are many different colors that represent different things. Invisible Children packages them in a unique box with two of the bracelets. When you purchase the bracelet, not only do you receive that but you also receive the documentary Invisible Children: The Rough Cut. By purchasing the bracelet you are helping people of Uganda earn an income as well as spreading awareness while you wear it.

Second, Mend Bags. Similar to the Bracelet Campaign, Mend allows you to purchase a handbag made in Uganda and know the story of the specific woman who created it. These women are former Lords Resistance Army abductees who’s names are sewn into each bag. When you purchase a bag you are also able to see the online profile with videos and photos of that person. This allows you to be able to connect a story with the fashion you consume.

I think these products are one of the coolest aspects of Invisible Children. By purchasing these products you are helping someone try and rebuild their life after the horror they have lived through.


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