JUNK to FUNK! (Naomi Bar)

Junk to Funk is a brand which seeks to use recycled material to create fashionable cloathing designs. It reaches out to the American public and encourages them, through the puchase of junk to funk cloathing, to change their consumer mentality. Junk to Funk sees trash as a valuable resource in order to create something new and beneficial. As they state their mission consists in ” inspiring individuals towards responsible consumerism, creative re-use and conscientious disposal by providing unique fashion based entertainment and educational programs” (junktofunk.org).

Additionally, Junk to Funk organizes fashion shows, called “Recycled Fashion Show Constets” in Portland since 2006. In my opinion this project is a positive initiative to combine fashion, recycling and outline the value that our environment has and the importance of preserving it.


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