LENY PROJECT: Fashion Meets the Environment: Mardi Vartabedian

“ At a time when the future of our planet is not only in question but in urgency to react, we must act quickly & together”.  From the inspiring words of the fashion designer, Mariel Gamboa, who launched the fashion project, LENY, with hope to mobilize the fashion industry to become active roles in the world’s seeking environment.

Throughout her creative life, she had the desire to design labels that gathered icons from all over the world.  The main goal of the LENY project was to create unique pieces of art, which would soon support a good cause.  One issue that stood out was the world’s environmental issues.  Gamboa worked with The Climate Project to form a relationship between the environment and fashion.

From celebrities to fashion icons, the LENY project is supported by the diversity of these individuals, who donate their own designs into the fashion collection.  Soon enough, the designs are interpreted and created into a diverse collection with its labels becoming a “Limited Edition”.

Most importantly, the new proceeds of these art creations are given to The Climate Project.  A few well-known fashion “icons” are: Kate Moss, Richard Branson, and Dian Von Furstenberg.  Overall, design voices have a huge impact on collective awareness, which is why LENY established a direct relation between fashion and environmental appreciation.


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