SUNO: Lily Huber

Suno is a brand that first caught my eyes a few years ago. I was in a small boutique in West Hollywood and I saw a section of the store devoted to this line and was curious to know more about it. SUNO was created in 2008 by Max Osterweis. He collected different textiles from his trips to Kenya and was inspired by the designs. The company employs local Kenyans to help produce the line and SUNO really wants to use the success of the brand to build awareness of all the amazing talent in Kenya. SUNO is about the “goal of making quality and luxury in a socially responsible way.”

I think it’s hard to find a line that is socially conscious but also very fashion forward. I think SUNO is a perfect example of this done the right way. The company is based in NY so they do employ people there to oversee the productions as well. It has become very popular in local shops and is still making the transition to mainstream platforms. On the site is says “SUNO’s dedication to developing a sustainable and socially responsible business is not limited to our work in Kenya. Currently we do at least 70% of our production in Kenya, all our beaded and embroidered work happens in India, and we also produce a handful of pieces in NYC with our sample factory in the Garment District.”

I wish more brands would look at the success of companies like SUNO and try to integrate some type of positive change in the products they create. I think SUNO shows that it’s possible to make beautiful, nice things while also helping a place that needs an extra hand.


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