Designers Against AIDS- Dorothy Brown

Designers Against AIDS (DAA) is a non-profit organization that Beauty Without Irony launched in 2004 in order to raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public, more specifically towards young people in the industrialized countries about AIDS.

Created in Belgium, the organization shows that although the AIDS issue is severe in Africa, it is prevalent all over the world. Using the elements of pop culture, DAA was able to reach young audiences and raise awareness of their project. They focused on what young people pay attention to for their cause. By using peoples favorite celebrities or other elements of the current times, people paid attention and wanted to see what DAA was all about.

I think DAA have succeeded because they figured out their outlets to get the information out there about their organization, which is the most important element to success. HIV/AIDS is such a grave issue that getting word out this much is great. The popular clothing store, H&M just recently became a partner. When buying cute clothes, people look at it as even more reason to buy it if it’s going towards a good cause, and this will help the DAA make a bigger difference in the world. With their focus on pop culture elements, DAA is promoting social change and successfully teaching people about HIV/AIDS and how one can help.


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