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Ciao! My name is Marisa Beirne and I am 21 years old. I was born on December 10,1991 in San Diego, California but moved to New Jersey at three months and have been there ever since. I am a Jersey girl at heart. I live in New Jersey with my mom, dad, and younger sister! My sister, Meredith, is my best friend and people often think we are twins even though we are four years apart! I pride myself on being an optimistic person, who tries to make the most of any situation. I adore my family and friends more than anything and would do anything to make sure they are happy and healthy!

I am a full time student at the University of Maryland. I am a communication major and a leadership minor. My main goal is to continue onto law school after I attain my undergraduate degree. I am studying this semester at The American University in Rome and already am having an amazing time. I came to Rome knowing very little Italian but am taking it this semester and am hoping to be somewhat proficient by the time I return to America!! Continue reading


Hiya, my name is Abbe Bernard and I am now an official student at the American University of Rome. My majors are Communications and Studio Art, and I’m minoring in French. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, … Continue reading

Betty’s Autobiography

        Hi! My name’s Betty—actually, my name is Elizabeth but no one has ever called me that. I’m nineteen years old and a sophomore at the American University of Rome. My major is Film and Digital Media with a minor in English Writing. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia, but have spent a lot of time in Italy because my father is Italian and a majority of my extended family still lives here. My father never spoke Italian to me growing up, but I learned through listening and emersion—unfortunately that resulted in me speaking a mixture of Italian and dialect. Since my first exposure to the Italian language I have honed my skills and have even learned to love and enjoy the mechanics of Italian. Weird, I know.

                Ever since I was little I’ve been an avid reader and imaginer, envisioning all of the places I would travel as soon as I was able.  Recently I traveled to Asia to the first time when I visited my boyfriend in the Philippines. Despite my deep rooted hatred for clichés, the only way I can really describe my experience is with the phrase ‘life changing’.  

                Besides reading and imagining what my life would be like when I lived on a bamboo raft floating off the coast of Guam, I’ve always been a committed doodler. During high school I had a wonderful and inspiring teacher that took my love of scribbling on everything and helped me transform it into an ability to capture light and form in oil painting—I even won a few awards and was commissioned a few times. My favorite request was when woman asked me if I could paint a 4 ft x 4 ft portrait of her daughter with her Chihuahuas as a “surprise”.  

                But since I’ve moved to Rome I haven’t had the opportunity, space, or budget to paint. Fortunately, I have since realized that the reason I love painting is the same reason I love to cook, collage, bead, clean, and stare at Pinterest for hours. I love design; Taking multiple elements—ingredients, typography, images—and combining them together to make a balanced, successful piece of work.  

I am more than excited to exercise my love for creating in this class! Image

This is a photo of myself in-front of a random statue in Madrid– a must-visit destination for EVERYONE! (Madrid… Not the statue)

Hi i’m Mariel

ImageMy name is Mariel Rae Rothman and I am a junior at University of Maryland, College Park. I am a communications major and an entrepreneurship and technology minor. I am from Cherry Hill, NJ (right outside of Philadelphia, PA).

I am the happiest when I am exploring new cities and trying new restaurants. I also adore my Coton De Tulear dog named Sophie and, while I am studying abroad, I think I miss her the most out of anything at home in America!  Continue reading

Tiffany’s Autobiography

406092_10151209469726483_182709824_nHello, my name is Tiffany Wong. I’m from New York City, but I study at American University, which is in Washington, D.C. My major is Print Journalism and my minor is Art History, which made my decision to study at the American University of Rome really easy because of the classes they offer. I’ve also always wanted to go to Italy, but never have!

The last amazing movie I saw was “The Godfather” on the flight coming here. I’ve never seen it before, so my life definitely changed in seat 14B. I can spend a whole day at a museum, and have taken classes at the Met and at MoMA. I’m starting to like certain types of cheeses now that I’m in Rome, even though I’ve never pegged myself as a cheese person. I also firmly believe that naps can cure almost any ailment.

I would love to write for a major publication or write descriptions of works at a museum. In the future, I would love to be one of those older ladies you see giving out maps and working at the Information Booth of art museums.


Hi. My name is Maddy Birnbaum. I was born in New York City and lived there for the first 6 years of my life. When my parents split I moved 30 minutes outside the city. Now that some of my friends are going to school there, I basically live in the city again and plan to move there when i graduate. I love that there is always something to do, everyone has to be somewhere and the liveliness. The one thing that I appreciate, but could never get used to in Rome, is how everyone moves so slowly. Eating dinner takes over an hour and they walk like they have no where to be. I like to get in, get out, get the check, on to the next etc. I am always rushing, which is not a good thing, but I get everything done. My mother always said, “Give a busy person something to do and it will get done.” I would say that is how I operate. It has helped me in school and in the workforce. I could graduate early but why rush the best 4 years of my life? Which is why I am here.

I go to University of Maryland, as Public Relations major and English minor. I love meeting new people, communicating with people, planning events, and using my extroverted energy to get things done. I love working hard and getting good feedback. That is my anal side. I use my creative side to write. My pet peeve is when teachers grade English papers based on their opinions and not the ability to analyze creatively. English can be so broad and that is why I love it.

I studied Spanish up until this year so everyone is shocked that I decided to study abroad in Italy. I spent a summer studying in Spain a few years ago. I only traveled Italy for 2 weeks when I was in high school and spent around 3 days in each of the main cities, Rome being my least favorite. I was young and did not appreciate the culture, so decided to give it another shot. Now I love it here. Not being able to speak the language is very difficult. Everyone said it was similar to Spanish. In my opinion, knowing Spanish makes learning this language harder because I get them confused. I am excited to take a communciations class because it is a field I love and have experience in. However, this class is different that the classes I am used to taking. It seems more creative and on the social influence side of communications rather than the public relations side. Anyway, I am looking forward to it.

I look forward to traveling Europe, seeing things I’ve never seen before or re-visiting things that I have and appreciating the different ways that people live. The next few months is definitely going to be a unique experience.

Live life to the fullest, live everyday as if it were your last, and regret nothing, because things can change at any moment and nothing is certain. Living by these moto’s have made me appreciate life, love everyone, avoid conflict and be the best person I can be.Image