382014_10151167590016868_1155998956_nHiya, my name is Abbe Bernard and I am now an official student at the American University of Rome. My majors are Communications and Studio Art, and I’m minoring in French. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, so I’m glad that the opportunity is finally here. Home is in Pittsburgh and school is in College Park at the University of Maryland. I speak absolutely no Italian but I hope for that to change very quickly while I am living here. I wish I could learn every language.

Back home, I am a part of a design team for an online apparel company. We design all kinds of clothes for all kinds of people on the college campus. It is always a different design or a new thought, which is really cool to work with. I’m currently attempting to get an internship at National Geographic in the Design department. This has always been a dream job for me, so I’m hoping it ends up in my favor.

Being in Rome has really made me realized what Americans don’t really need. Here, there’s three types of sandwiches and every time I choose, I’m happy and it takes seconds to heat up. At home, they give eighty thousand options and it still takes forever. Naps are always a must, so I haven’t decided why the US hasn’t picked up on siestas yet.


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