Betty’s Autobiography

        Hi! My name’s Betty—actually, my name is Elizabeth but no one has ever called me that. I’m nineteen years old and a sophomore at the American University of Rome. My major is Film and Digital Media with a minor in English Writing. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia, but have spent a lot of time in Italy because my father is Italian and a majority of my extended family still lives here. My father never spoke Italian to me growing up, but I learned through listening and emersion—unfortunately that resulted in me speaking a mixture of Italian and dialect. Since my first exposure to the Italian language I have honed my skills and have even learned to love and enjoy the mechanics of Italian. Weird, I know.

                Ever since I was little I’ve been an avid reader and imaginer, envisioning all of the places I would travel as soon as I was able.  Recently I traveled to Asia to the first time when I visited my boyfriend in the Philippines. Despite my deep rooted hatred for clichés, the only way I can really describe my experience is with the phrase ‘life changing’.  

                Besides reading and imagining what my life would be like when I lived on a bamboo raft floating off the coast of Guam, I’ve always been a committed doodler. During high school I had a wonderful and inspiring teacher that took my love of scribbling on everything and helped me transform it into an ability to capture light and form in oil painting—I even won a few awards and was commissioned a few times. My favorite request was when woman asked me if I could paint a 4 ft x 4 ft portrait of her daughter with her Chihuahuas as a “surprise”.  

                But since I’ve moved to Rome I haven’t had the opportunity, space, or budget to paint. Fortunately, I have since realized that the reason I love painting is the same reason I love to cook, collage, bead, clean, and stare at Pinterest for hours. I love design; Taking multiple elements—ingredients, typography, images—and combining them together to make a balanced, successful piece of work.  

I am more than excited to exercise my love for creating in this class! Image

This is a photo of myself in-front of a random statue in Madrid– a must-visit destination for EVERYONE! (Madrid… Not the statue)


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