Ciao! My name is Marisa Beirne and I am 21 years old. I was born on December 10,1991 in San Diego, California but moved to New Jersey at three months and have been there ever since. I am a Jersey girl at heart. I live in New Jersey with my mom, dad, and younger sister! My sister, Meredith, is my best friend and people often think we are twins even though we are four years apart! I pride myself on being an optimistic person, who tries to make the most of any situation. I adore my family and friends more than anything and would do anything to make sure they are happy and healthy!

I am a full time student at the University of Maryland. I am a communication major and a leadership minor. My main goal is to continue onto law school after I attain my undergraduate degree. I am studying this semester at The American University in Rome and already am having an amazing time. I came to Rome knowing very little Italian but am taking it this semester and am hoping to be somewhat proficient by the time I return to America!!

Growing up I was a dancer, and danced on a competitive travel team as well as my high school dance team! Dance was a passion of mine from the age of four and still is today. Some of my other passions are spending the summer at the shore, reading, and exercising. All three of these activities help me clear my mind and distress. I cannot remember a summer that I did not spend almost everyday at the beach! My overall biggest passion is traveling. I love traveling to new places, as well as learning about new cultures and people.  One of the main reasons I studied abroad was also to travel all around Europe as a student, which I will never be able to do again.  I cannot wait to travel anywhere possible and just take in all the sights!!

This semester I really hope to gain an understanding of the Italian culture. I have never lived anywhere but America and it is go to be a challenging and eye opening experience to be able to live in a country where most people do not speak English. I hope to also enjoy all of my classes and learn new subjects I may never have in America! My spring 2013 semester is going to be one I never forget and hopefully by best one yet!


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