Hi, my name is Federica De Giorgi, I’m from the eternal city: Rome! and I’m a resident student here at the American University of Rome.  My major is communication and I also have a minor in International Relations. This is actually my last semester, therefore I will graduate in May. I have always attended italian schools but after my year as an exchange student in the US I’ve decided to go to an American college rather than an Italian University.  I’m so happy to be an AUR student especially for the international environment. There is always something new to learn and very interesting people from all over the world

I have two sisters Claudia who’s 23 (on the left in the picture) and Vittoria who just turned 17! I was Born in May 1991 therefore I’m going to turn 22 very soon. I love my sisters very much, we are very close to each other even if we are very different. It is nice to study in an American college in Rome so that I have the opportunity to hang out with both my lifetime friends and my new ones here at AUR!

Reading is one of my favorite hobby..I have always read a lot, even if right now I’m too busy with my thesis and the only books I read are for it since I’m doing a creative writing thesis 😛 I also love writing. I wrote my first story/book when I was 14.Travelling have always been a passion.  I travel a lot with my family by car, which I believe is the best way to travel around. We visited pretty much all Europe by car. Anyway Rome is my favorite city in the world and it will always be. My favorite place in Rome is the Pantheon and my favorite italian plate is Carbonara but I love all italian food!

After graduating I’m planning on going to do my master in London. London is my second favorite city in Europe together with Barcellona. I speak Italian, English and French but I also would love to learn a new language  (still undecided between dutch and Arabic).

I hope to enjoy this class and my last semester here at AUR!


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