Hi! My name is Arla Dusha and I’m from Tirana, capital of Albania. I am a senior here at the American University of Rome and my major is Film and digital Media. I love being here in Italy, the food Is great and I appreciate Italians art and their way of living. I live with three Italian girls and from my experience I’ve understood that Italians are very friendly and communicative. Something important to mention of myself is that I’m a summer person. I enjoy touring, swimming, reading when there are sunny days, which is what Rome offers very pleasant temperatures. My hobbies are swimming, movies, music, and reading psychology books. I also like travelling and same as Frederica I’ve travelled a lot around Europe by car with my family. I’ve always spent a lot of time with my family and my best friend Juvena which I really miss. This summer I was with her in South of Albania, Vlora, Dhermi, Saranda which are amazing places to be visited and it reminded me of my childhood when I used to be every summer in the South.

I hope to enjoy my last year here and in the future I think I will miss Rome and the people I met.


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