Ciao a tutti!


Hello everyone! I am Susanna and I am from Rome. I am half italian and half Portuguese, but my siblings and I are the only “original” romans in the family. In fact, my dad is from Portugal and my mom is from Padova (in the north of Italy). I am a resident student at AUR and this is my last semester and I will graduate in May. I can’t believe I am actually graduating, these three years here at AUR just flew by. I am majoring in International Relations with a minor in Communications. I am studying International Relations because I would love to work in the future for an international organization, that could be either an IGO or an NGO.

My family is composed by 5 members including me. I have an older brother who is 26 and an older sister who is 23. My older brother lives in London now and probably next year I will join him. Thank God, we are all really close and we have a great relation and we never fight. As a family, we travel a lot together since my dad works in a travel agency. This gives us the opportunity to spend a lot of time together while being all around the world. Actually, I think I have been travelling outside Italy far more than I have been doing inside my own country. Since I am half Portuguese, usually when we were kids we were used to spend at least two weeks in Algarve, a beautiful sea place close to Faro, in the South of Portugal. Sadly, now that we are a little older, it has been more and more difficult to travel all together and I haven’t seen my Portugese relatives in 3 years.

My two greatest hobbies are dancing and to swimming, that is why I did syncrhonized swimming for many years. However, very sadly I had to stop because it required me to much time. So now, I simply go to the gym, and I alternate from zumba, to aerobics or boxing whenever I have spare time. I also love to spend time with my friends, hanging out in downtown, or in the suburb where I live which is close to the beach. Especially during the summer we all hang out in Ostia which is only distant 5 kilometers from my house. I know Ostia beach is not the nicest beach you can get, it is not like San Diego or Miami, but anyway that is what we have here in Rome and we got used to it. Even though, whenever I have more free time or a couple of days free I go to Terracina, which is another seaside town, where the water is really nice.

In the summer usually I travel a lot, last summer I spent one month and a half in Palma de Mallorca, an island of Spain, where I worked for a club. I love the Spanish culture and I wish one time I will learn Spanish and maybe I will live there for a little bit. Most likely this summer I will be able to go back to Portugal and maybe spend the summer there. Next year maybe I will continue my studies. The hard choice that I have to make is whether I want to move to another place in Europe, most likely London, or if I want to remain here in Rome. The problem is that Rome does not offer many masters degrees in English, so it forces me to go somewhere else. I love to go to other countries to make new experiences, getting to learn other cultures; however, is always difficult to leave the people you love and not sharing with them your new experiences. So this is the hard choice that I have to make really soon.

Pretty much, this is my life right now. I am about to close a chapter of my life, with the hope of opening a new, exciting one!


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