First Introductions


Hi! My name is Sami Lucci, and I am currently a semester study abroad student at the American University of Rome, though I am officially enrolled at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. I am a junior double-majoring in journalism and international studies, with a minor in history.

I am the third of four kids with two brothers, Conzy (22) and Tommy (18), and a sister, Nikki (24). I just celebrated my 21st birthday American-style, this past December.  My siblings and I were born and raised in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. If any of you readers are thinking, as many Americans do when I tell them where I’m from, “Oh, I’m sorry” — don’t be! Just like any city, my hometown has its downfalls (in our case, some might call them curses), but also its charms.

Growing up, my parents made traveling a big part of our lives. They wanted to make sure that, before we explored the rest of the world, we gained an awareness and an appreciation of where we come from. Thus, we spent summers and spring vacations on family road trips up and down the East Coast experiencing the sounds, tastes and smells of the cities off the Atlantic, and out west hiking the Grand Canyon and visiting the abundant National Parks that tell the stories of our country’s landscape and its people. I have been to more than 40 states in the U.S.

This year I have decided to expand my travels to other cities and countries beyond the U.S. borders. That’s part of why I’m here in Rome. For me, 2013 is a year of firsts, and of exploration and self-discovery. It is my first time being across the pond in Europe, and with a last name like “Lucci,” where better to start?

I hope to use my brief time in Italy to come to know and to love the charms of its cities, culture, language, people and all else it has to offer, as much as is humanly possible in the time that I’m here. But, also to learn more about myself. This is no small task for only four shorts months.

I’ve never been one to back down. So, challenge accepted!


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