Veronica Crociani- Biography


Hello! My name is Veronica Crociani. I am half italian and half american. I have always lived in Rome, but I have studied in American schools my entire life. I am currently a film and digital media major here at the American University Rome. Photography and all multimedia tasks have always been my passion and hobby since I was a little girl.

During my last academic years, I have taken many mass media and society related classes. The lectures I have attended and studied have made me more media-literary  aware and I have majorly increased my curiosity towards the social role the media plays intodays’ society.

I have travelled in almost every continent of the world and I am so grateful for it. Growing up visiting and learning new cultures everyday made me realize that  there is so much out there and I was lucky enough to experience it and relate to it.I believe my traveling has enforced my social awareness in the sense that I have seen poverty, richness, disease, architecture and so much more.


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