Hello :)

Hello :)

Hello everyone, my name is Alexa Lloyd. I am 20 years old (turning 21 in March) and a resident student at the American University of Rome. I am a communications major and this is my third year living in Rome. I live with one of my best friends and my kitty, who is a complete scoundrel.

I am half Hungarian and half “American” (as in my father’s side is descended from the colonies) and am originally from Orange County, California. My father lives in Costa Rica, where I usually to spend all of my free time when not at university. I absolutely love living in Italy, but the thing I miss the most is living on the beach and being able to surf.

Before moving abroad I wouldn’t consider my life to be particularly interesting to any outside viewer. I was always involved my high school’s theatre department as the student director, producer, and stage manager. I loved creating a play’s concept and set design and working in the performing arts. Ever since then my dream has been to become a screenwriter. Of course realistically after I graduate I will probably have to pursue a career in other realms of the media.

My years in Italy have been amazing and a true learning experience. Once I’m done with university I hope to stay here, but maybe move north to Milan.


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