Hello There!


My name is Giulia Mello Grand, I am 22 and currently a resident junior at the American University of Rome. Born in Milan but raised in Rome, I am completely Italian (unlike many of my colleagues, who have the most diverse and international backgrounds), unless you want to count my father’s double nationality (his father was German) and my mother’s French birthplace and childhood.

I am a very curious and out-going person who loves reading anything that is well written (Scott Fitzgerald, Orwell, Mahfuz and Wilde are just a few of my favourite writers), writing (hopefully something worth reading) and traveling (all the world is worth exploring). So of course my–very humble and realistic–goal in life is to become a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, which is why I am a Communications major with a double minor in both Political and Social sciences.

After graduation, I am considering applying for master programs both in the US (The Columbia School of Journalism would be my dream) and in London and Paris, where the Ecole SciencePo offers an interesting program in Journalism and International Affairs. In the future, I would like to work either in close contact with IGOs and NGOs or perhaps build a career as a war correspondent.

In the meantime, I collaborate with an online fashion magazine (modaonline) as well as with a no-profit organization (DJs Without Borders) as a translator and journalist. I am also a waitress on the weekends (which sadly pays much better than writing!).


One response to “Hello There!

  1. Ciao Giulia!! Sei la Giulia che andava alla st.george’s? Ti ricordi di me sono Angelo, abitavamo vicini e andavamo a scuola insieme! 🙂 come stai? Tii lascio il mio numero: 3295456912…mi farebbe piacere rivederti…chiamami che usciamo! Ciao un bacio

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