Food for the Masses (Tiffany Wong)

Focused in Nairobi, Kenya yet has the potential to internationally change lives, the creation of Garden-in-a-Sack has provided sustenance for the urban poor.

garden-sack2bAfter the Kenyan elections of 2008, violence ensued, food markets were destroyed, and prices skyrocketed. Solidarités International, a French NGO, invented Garden-in-a-Sack, a simple answer to the hungry bellies of affected Kenyans.

The project targets the 20,000 households that reside in the slums of Kibera, Mathare, Kiambiu, and Mukuru Lunga-Lunga in Nairobi. Here’s how urban gardeners can create their own Garden-in-a-Sacks:

  1. Fill the base of an empty sugar sack with soil and manure.
  2. Pack small stones on top for proper drainage.
  3. Cut holes in the sack to plant seeds such as kale, coriander, and spinach.

The easy-to-create, easy-to-use invention has helped households harvest enough vegetables for four meals a week. Garden-in-a-Sack has also transformed 55,000 individuals into gardening amateurs.

The project has changed the lives of its participants. It has provided food security and food diversity for households and communities. Although improvements must be made to ensure a sturdier sack that can withstand damage by pests and animals, the project has the potential to feed millions of lives if it is pursued internationally.

Here’s the link to Solidarités International’s website for its Kenyan missions.


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