The Safe Agua Water System (Marisa Beirne)


Water is considered a colorless, transparent, odorless, and tasteless liquid. This being said it could be considered the most valuable substance to a human. Water is used for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and so much more! Knowing how important water is to humans it is crazy to think that in places such as the campamentos (informal communities) of Santiago, Chile water is unbelievable hard to attain and considered a luxury! Men, women, and children of all ages have to carry large buckets of water far distances just to get water for basic needs! This does not only take a huge amount of strength but also time and energy.

The “Safe Agua Water System” project is very realistic as well effective in promoting positive social change. Faculty and students at the Design Matters Program at the Art Center College of Design teamed together with Chilean NGO Un Techo para Mi País to create a safe water system that allows thousands of people to easily attain water for their homes!

The system is called “Gota a Gota” and translates to “Drop by Drop”. This water system is gravity-fed and water flows down a hose, which is connected to on/off faucets.  The system even includes a foot pump so water is easily accessible by all. This invention has helped countless families be able to have clean safe water.

The “Safe Agua Water System” team did an incredible job at perfecting a water system in order to make hundreds of families’ lives easier. This cause is effective in promoting positive change. They use diagrams and easy to understand pictures so people who do not understand the inner workings of the system can get a glimpse of how it works. The team also picked a cause that is extremely important which will make people want to help and get involved.

By making it easier for a person to get water it is also giving them hydration, the ability to clean (such as dishes or clothes), and an overall better quality of life. If one is unable to attain clean water this could lead to poor health which is just one of many consequences. The “Safe Agua Water System” project is one that should not be overlooked and has helped people gain efficiency and dignity in their daily activities!

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