Q Drum

Two weeks before starting this semester I was in Malindi, Kenya. Malindi is about a 2 hours drive from Mombasa (the second biggest city in Kenya), so we can say that is a pretty much rural, but at the same time tourist area. During my stay in Malindi I saw everyday a countless number of women transporting many liters of water on their back or on their head. That vision caught my attention and my sorrow for those women.

Everyday women in rural Africa have to walk many kilometers to a water hole and then carry all those liters back home. The transport of water is one of the most difficult and exhausting burden that rural women have to face every day and I was able to see that from outside, being in Kenya for only one week.

african women

I believe that one of the best solutions that I found on “Design for the other 90” is the Q Drum. This tool looks so simple and yet extremely effective at the same time. It basically looks as a plastic tire, however this tool is a water container capable of transporting seventy-five liters of water. Given its design, the Q Drum can easily transport the water; in fact, the person carrying the water only needs to roll  the container which has the shape of a circle, so that is not heavy on the back or head of the transporter.


I believe that such a simple invention can mean a lot for all those women that are obliged to carry liters and liters of waters on their back. Such a tool enables people in rural Africa to carry a greater amount of water, without all the difficulty and heaviness of the ordinary tools.



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