SONO water filter (Federica De Giorgi)

SONO water filter was designed by Abul Hussam a chemistry professor at George Mason University in order to filter drinking water. In places like Bangladesh and North India, where Arsenic and other toxic underground contaminants kills and poisons millions of people this system has been approved by the World Health Organization in order to stop what is considered to be “the largest mass poisoning of a population in history,” bigger than the accidents at Bhopal and Chernobyl.


This project consists in two-bucket system which strains contaminated groundwater through sand, the CIM, charcoal, and brick chips to remove toxins, producing potable water. The low cost of this filter make this system available in places like Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

In poor states like these there have been applied many systems in order to allow people access to potable water. I believe SONO filter water is a very effective project which has had great results. In fact, SONO can remove arsenic,
manganese (a neurotoxin), iron, and all transition metal ions. It then allows the populations of these places to not be afraid of get poisoned and it definitely decreases deaths. Therefore I believe this projects is effective in promoting social change. The design of the project is innovative and the filter lasts an average of fourteen years “at the present usage rate of one hundred liters per day, sufficient for a family of five”. It is extremely helping therefore the poor communities of these places. The low cost of 35 dollars is also making these two-bucket system to be available easily at an affordable price.

In the Third World where the poor communities have to deal with issues like dirty water which brings diseases and kills many people, projects like SONO filter water are extremely important in helping these communities to have a better life conditions. SONO filter water is certainly effective in saving many lives and therefore bringing social change.


One response to “SONO water filter (Federica De Giorgi)

  1. I liked the sono water filter because i read your post. We have many problem to water purification and it helped us very much. Thanks.

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