Water plays a central role in our lives in many ways and millions of people around the world do not have a clean and accessible supply to water. For rural people in southern Africa getting water from a reliable source requires miles long to arrive at the source and then return back by carrying heavy loads in their back. The load is limited to 15 liters per container, so the families have to make more than one trip a day. Also many injuries have been caused by these heavy loads so the idea of Q drum came as response to their needs. The Q drum is a device that has a lot of positive impact in their lives since it reduces the time spent to go at the source and their physical injuries.

The Q drum is a donut shaped plastic container which when full holds 50 liters of water. When it’s filled with water it can be rolled in the ground using a rope passing in the middle of the container. Also in its outer part Q drum is very durable so there won’t be any risk of getting damaged.  This simple invention has brought a significant change in their lives, they can transport up to 50 liters.  It has helped to transport more water without spending a lot of energy which they might need it for other things.


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