Design for the other 90: Sub Irrigated Planters (Sarah Blauner)


The design for the other 90 solution I found most appealing was the Sub Irrigated Planter.  The Sub Irrigated Planter makes it easy to grow a large amount of food with just a little sunlight and maintenance. For those who have not tried to grow there own food before, finding the correct amount of sunlight and constant maintenance are two things that easily stop any growth in its tracks. However this project does more for people than simplifying how people grow food.

This solution describes itself as so simple a pre-schooler could do it and introduces the idea that it would make a great school project. It’s ability to become an in school project might seem basic but it is part of what makes the project such a good solution. When children partake in in school activities they frequently bring home the ideas learned in school to their parents, this could lead entire families and communities to partake in the Sub Irrigated Planter project. It might seem small, families growing their own vegetables but if entire communities partake it encourages people to trade vegetables  This is not only more economical it is better for the environment and peoples health. People will be encouraged to eat their own communities vegetables which would not only foster community but would lead people to eat more vegetables in general. I am sure many of you have heard of the word Locavore, it implies a diet based solely in local foods. This project would encourage more people to engage in a Locavore diet, which is not only good for individuals own health but the health of our planet. Eating foods from different regions is bad for the environment because of the amount of fuel used in transporting and cultivating foods in a manner that gets them there in time for them to still be edible. This project is also great because it might encourage people to improve their diets by eating more community based vegetables and less animal products. If you don’t know about the benefits that leading a vegetarian lifestyle produce I encourage you to look into it, but one should know that it is good for personal health and environmental health as well as economic. A very large problem that faces our planet is the unsustainable diet that many of us have become accustom to, the Sub Irrigated Planter introduces an easy way to get people to engage in a more sustainable mode of consumption. It’s simplicity makes it a great tool to help foster  positive social change.


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