Week 2: Design for the Other 90% (Charlotte MacKinnon)

The Q Drum is a brilliant yet simple design that I can easily see how it can positively change the lives of so many people.  To briefly describe it, the Q Drum is a circular shape container (almost like a giant donut) that is intended to help those living far away from water sources.  Instead of having to carry the large tubs of water, millions of people around the world, and in rural Africa in particular can roll the water from the source.  

I volunteered in Kenya a couple years ago to help build a school.  While I was there, our group spent an entire day as an average Masaai woman or man would.  One of the many tasks we completed was retrieving water from the local well.  This was a much more difficult feat that we had thought it would be.  It took five of us to carry the same amount of water one woman would carry, and probably in double the amount of time.  This invention can, and most likely, will change the lives of millions.  Image


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